rome photo diary

(1. Neon t-shirt: Samsøe & Samsøe, skirt: H&M, sandals: ZARA, sunglasses: RayBan; 2. White shirt: Lindex, black jeans: Acne, bag: ZARA). 

The downside to postponing these photo diaries is that I don't really remember anything. I recall going to the Vatican, which explains why I'm wearing pants in some of the pictures. We enjoyed ourselves judging people's not so modest outfits (this one particular lady was wearing a dress with an outrageous cleavage + no bra), and whispering "blasphemy" when we saw two kids making out behind one of the pillars. All jokes of course. Prior to going we spent ages coming up with appropriate outfits, and Sophie's ensemble was purchased an hour earlier.

In addition to that we saw the Colosseum, as you do, but honestly I would argue that the Forum is far more interesting. The surrounding garden is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for an afternoon stroll and impromptu photoshoots. In the middle of the structure you will find an exhibition of modern art, which explains the strange box filled with baby heads (there's a sentence I never imagined myself writing out). A perfect mix of the old and the new, is how they put it. We also met up with a Roman friend of mine, Marco, who took us to a park to watch the sunset, followed by true Italian pizza. I've been lucky enough to visit Italy twice this year, but unfortunately these trips have ruined all other pizzas for me. There's just something about Italian pizza that make the rest pale in comparison. 

The photo diary that's coming up next will be Ibiza, which will be last instillment in our Euro trip '13. I'm devastated about the fact that this summer is coming to an end, and looking at these pictures is giving me a serious post holiday depression. But who knows, I might have some travel plans of up sleeve, so my 2013 adventures aren't over just yet. 


new beginnings

Despite my sincere intentions of frequent blogging once I got to Singapore, it turns out I have literally not blogged since I left Norway. My apologies. Life is Singapore has been quite hectic, and I've had some sort of activity every single day. I've spent some much needed quality time with my family, finally gotten my hands on a spanking new iPhone 5, eaten prata as often as possible, gotten lost at NTU, late night suppers with Sophie, instagrammed a whole lot, danced til the sun came up... And in addition to all that, the Norwegian exchange students had a week in Bali as some sort of orientation week on steroids. Basically what I'm trying to say is, I've had a lot going on lately. As much as I'm not really a fan of writing up lengthy entries about my personal life, I guess moving across the world makes it somewhat appropriate.

I have a ton (aka 3) photo diaries coming up; Rome, Ibiza and Bali. Not sure when I'll get around to doing them, but I have no intentions on giving up on this blog just about yet. This is only the beginning.


to be continued

So, I'm here. After all these years I'm finally here. Getting on that plane knowing that I didn't have a return ticket felt completely surreal, and to be honest I don't think reality has dawned on me just yet. I do feel a slight excitement (which explain why I'm smiling so brightly in the picture above), but not to the extent one would expect. After all, moving half way across the globe is somewhat of a big deal, isn't it? Up until my flight I was actually more anxious than anything. The night before I left I was sorting out my old toys up in the attic to see which ones I would willingly give away. And I don't know if it was due to nostalgia or the fact that it was 2AM, but I suddenly started crying my eyes out. It wasn't necessarily because I was sad over the fact that I was leaving, but I've just had so many emotions raging on inside of me during the past week, so I guess that sort of bottled up and had a little moment.

Moving away from embarrassing confessions, I'm very excited about blogging about my life as an exchange student here. To be honest I haven't been very happy with my blog content as of late (excluding my Euro trip), because it has mainly just been a collection of embarrassing pictures of me posing awkwardly in my garden. So, here's to a new start I guess. And while we're on the topic of my humble blog, my 2 year anniversary is actually coming up tomorrow!


crete photo diary

(1. Denim dress: H&M, strappy sandals: ZARA, sunglasses: RayBan, 2. Charcoal tshirt: gifted, belt: Lindex, denim shorts: Levi's).

I'm sad to inform and admit that this photo diary is kind of a disappointment. For some reason I barely took any pictures while we were here, but I'll excuse myself by saying that we mainly just lazed around. You know, spent time at the beach/beside the pool, ate completely mediocre food (I hate it when places start serving touristy food rather than sticking to their traditional cuisine), and on most days we slept in. One night though, we actually went clubbing in Malia, and I can tell you that I've never felt so old in my entire life. I like to think that I'm still relatively young with my 22 years of age, but in Malia we were surrounded by British teens-gone-wild who all were barely legal. We didn't partake in the madness, but still had a great time dancing and just people watching.

Wish we had more time in Crete though, and the sole reason for that is because I would like to work on my tan.


athens photo diary

(1. Cropped top: Brandy Melville, patterned shorts: Lindex; 2. Tshirt: ZARA, purple shorts: Thailand; 3. Patterned singlet: BikBok, shorts: Levi's; 4. Bikini: Lindex).

Would it be awfully smug if I said that I admit to thinking these pictures are gorgeous? I'll try to save face by saying that I think it's mainly Athens' doing, not necessarily my photography skills. Honestly though, Athens is as beautiful as it is scorching hot. We braced the heat and did things such as visiting the Acropolis, went on a one-day-cruise which took us to three different greek islands, stayed in the world's most dodgy neighbourhood, and shamelessly asked every single restaurant we ate at if they had free wifi. I also ended up being eaten alive by mosquitos, which seems to be the norm everytime I'm on holiday. 

If I was to pinpoint one thing that really stuck out to me in Athens, it has got to be that breathtaking view. There's a lot of restoration going on around the most famous historical sights such as the Acropolis, which is obviously necessary but of course one would prefer a scaffolding free citadel (yes, I googled to find the right term). But just the view alone makes the trip worthwhile, and really, my pictures doesn't even come close to giving you an idea of how amazing it really is in real life.

Right now we're in Crete, and we're leaving for Rome tomorrow! Time really flies and I've started thinking that I wish it would never end. If I could only travel around from place to place, eating exotic food, taking pictures, buying 1€ bracelets, frolicking in the sun, and just generally not caring about anything than what happens to be right in front of me. Sigh, this is the good life.